How is Saffron adulterated (fake saffron)?

07/13/2019 0 By kongposhsaffron


Unfortunately, dishonest sellers are trying to make money on the popularity of saffron, by providing low-quality saffron or even completely fake saffron. They are doing this in a few different ways. For instance, some of them are using moisture to add weight. 

By adding a few mist sprays of water, this can adds an additional 10-15% more weight to the product. So make sure the Saffron you’re receiving isn’t moist, this is NOT an indication of fresh Saffron. Saffron should be dry and delicate, yet still contain a fresh aroma. 

Furthermore, there are sellers that add corn silk and spray them with coloring chemicals to make it look like Saffron. We don’t have to talk much about the potentially harmful effects of this approach. Additionally, there are some sellers that are adding fillers like rice flour, sawdust, starch and other fillers that are dangerous.

These adulterated and fake versions of saffron are cheaper, but they are practically useless and potentially harmful.



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