Benefits of Saffron during Pregnancy

02/11/2019 0 By kongposhsaffron

Benefits of Saffron during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when you receive advice from every mother about your diet, with one general suggestion being to take saffron (kesar) in your food. The world’s costliest spice is the most sought after product by pregnant women who want to give all the best things on earth to the baby in their womb.

Saffron ( Kesar ) During Pregnancy – Benefits:

Before you begin taking kesar during pregnancy, consult your doctor. Saffron cannot be safe just because it is a herb. Even herbs can have adverse effects on you and your baby.

Once your OB/GYN gives you the go-ahead, saffron can prove to be a fantastic remedy for you during your pregnancy. Just like everything else in life, moderation is the key to enjoy the benefits of Saffron during Pregnancy.

1. Saffron helps in controlling Mood Swings during Pregnancy 

Saffron acts as an anti-depressant and helps elevate your mood .When you are happy, you will glow and look beautiful. So the next time you look in the mirror and get upset about your ballooning belly, just have some saffron-based snack to feel happy and good about yourself.

2. Helps in Controlling High Blood Pressure 

It is Scientifically Proven that saffron helps reduce blood pressure. So if you are pregnant, this unique property of saffron is something that you want to use to your advantage. Potassium and crocetin present in saffron helps you lower your blood pressure . 

3. Saffron Tea Helps in Reducing Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

While the thought of expanding your family is a beautiful feeling, morning sickness can take away this joy. You can combat nausea and dizziness with saffron.

4. Saffron helps in Improving Weak Digestion during Pregnancy

Bloating, gas and constipation go hand-in-hand with pregnancy. The growing fetus exerting pressure on your digestive tract and the hormonal surges are responsible for this. Saffron could be your best friend during pregnancy if you want to take pleasure from optimal digestion. It boosts blood flow to your digestive system and enhances your metabolism. This, in turn, aids in better digestion

5. Get Your Iron Levels Up

Pregnant women are usually anemic. That is why when you get pregnant, your OB/GYN tells you to consume food rich in iron. Foods Like Pomegranate , Jaggery etc. Saffron is replete with iron and can help boost your hemoglobin levels. It is best to consume saffron in food to ensure optimal results.